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All are Welcome at
Trinity Chiropractic

Dedicated to empowering individuals and families to live their healthiest lives through evidence-based chiropractic care and personalized treatment plans. With a patient-centered approach, chiropractic care at Trinity Chiropractic goes beyond symptom relief, focusing on addressing the underlying causes of health challenges to promote long-lasting well-being. 

Compassionate Care for Everyone

pregnant person meditating


Chiropractic care has lots of benefits for pregnant people! From pregnancy planning through the birth of your child, getting adjusted helps both mom & baby thrive.

athlete stretching and doing yoga poses outside


Chiropractic adjustments provide a path to recovery while healing from physical, chemical, and emotional trauma.

mother and daughter


Get adjusted alongside your loved ones in a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere. Your kids are always welcome, and family appointments are available to schedule.

portrait of Dr. Kennedy FitzGerald, DC owner of Trinity Chiropractic
Meet the Doctor
Dr. Kennedy FitzGerald, DC

A single chiropractic adjustment can have a profound effect. Every time I connect with a patient and work by their side to optimize their health, I am reaffirmed in my choice to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.   


With a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, I strive to provide evidence-based chiropractic care that goes beyond simply treating symptoms. My goal is to address the root causes of health issues and guide my patients towards long-lasting well-being.​


Schedule an appointment with Trinity Chiropractic and experience the difference that patient-centered care can make in your life.

The Office

"I have had more success with Dr. Kennedy in 3 weeks than I've had with other chiropractors, pain doctors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists in 3 years for lower back pain. Dr. Kennedy is caring, punctual (very important to me), thorough in her explanations, and each visit I learn a little bit about how the human body works. Dr. Kennedy is very friendly and an all around good human. I am so happy I found her and I highly recommend Dr. Kennedy as a chiropractor."

Des N.

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